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About us

We are a small development team working on many different projects. This team got founded because we all love coding and wanted to create stuff that other people can use aswell. We started as individual developers and got together now under the MTN brand name. In cooperation with the MTN Media Group we are able to create better software using MTN Hosting Servers and to also sell our software. Some of our code is available for free and some is available for purchase.

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In our online shop you can find all the code that is currently available for download for free or for purchase. We want to ensure a very high quality standard in our code, thats why it might take a bit for new products to be available, but we are working hard to add more stuff as soon as possible. 

If you are interested in Hosting products, check out the MTN Hosting Website!

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Our discord server is used to chat with all of you, to announce new content, to teaser future content and to help you with issues using our content. Feel free to join our community!

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Our Support Team will happily answer your questions regarding the MTN Development Team!